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  • How to order

    Please let us know via email of stone you need, either for size, volume and finishing. We will provide the best selection of natural stone for your project. We also can process the stone with special sizes based on detailed construction drawings and pictures. Please come to our showroom in Bali, Legian, or we can send you some samples that are suitable for you. Our sample shipments costs will impose on you. Please make a reservation after a rock sample that matches your needs. The length of the production process depends on the type of stone, quantities ordered, and the desired end result. Goods that have been ordered not be canceled or refunded.


    Prices differ according to the amount of the order, size, method of payment, and shipping destination. Please consult with us when you order. We also accept the size and finishing outside of our catalog. Please contact us.

    High Quality Cutting

    Our company will conduct strict quality control of manufactured stone in order to ensure a high quality product. We never send stock stone, we only produce to order.
    • Orders should be done at one time as well. If there are additional orders is likely to cause differences in color or shades of previous orders, because the patterns & colors are natural.
    • Items that have been purchased non-refundable
    • There might be a slight difference of size and thickness

    Feature natural stone

    Natural stone that we use as part of the exterior & interior of the building is derived from a large piece of stone from the mountain. Each piece will not have the same style and color, although derived from one kind of the same stone and mines the same. In fact, each piece has a different expression, because differences in water permeability when wetting or absorption of water or absorption of light conditions. In addition, surface expression of natural stone are also caused by the weather.


    Every stone has a ragged and small holes, and has a water permeability. Spills of coffee or juice, basically do not make very dirty. Wipe immediately and keep the oil is the best thing. It is recommended to use water proof coating as protection stones. Please consult with the person in charge of construction.